If you would like to meet me in person you can find me and my products at the following market(s):

My products start off either as photos I’ve taken on our travels, during walks or just daily life, or as pictures I’ve created by hand or on my trusty laptop.  After editing, they are printed professionally on different fabrics. With these, I design and sew the items you find on these pages or on FACEBOOK.

As the designs and photos are my own I can make different items of (nearly) all the pictures you’ll see here, so if you like the look of a photo and would like to see it on an item not shown under the different crafts tabs, then please contact me! I’m happy to do custom work as well (say if you want a cushion in a size that is not listed here, different sizes of brooches, rings etc.)

I’m sorry, but I only use my own photographs!

As I mainly sell on art and craft markets I don’t always put all my designs on these pages, so if you anywhere near the markets come and visit to see the whole range!

You can purchase some of my designs on ETSY.  Please ask me to list any items you might like here on ETSY for you!

If you follow me on Twitter, you are notified immediately of the new items for sale.

Please note that ALL the images and products on these pages are copyrighted by me unless otherwise stated!

You can contact me at fabfelis(ÄT)gmail(DOT)com


My market stall


I’m not the lady in the kimono 😉


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