We recently moved to beautiful County Leitrim in Ireland and are still busy renovating our house, but I am hoping to start selling on markets in the Sligo area soon, so watch this space πŸ™‚

Welcome πŸ™‚
My name is Fab(ienne) and about 5 years ago FabFelis Designs was born when I decided to combine my love of photography, drawing, designing and sewing and my passion for bright colours πŸ™‚

My products all start either as one of my drawings or photographs, which I then edit on my laptop. The resulting files are sent off to various printing companies all over Europe, where they are professionally printed on man-made fabrics, using the sublimation method. From these fabrics I then sew the products you see here or on FACEBOOK.

All my products can be either hand washed or cleaned in a washing machine at 30C and line dried. The colours will stay nice and vibrant; indeed everything you see here has already been washed as my 9 cats often insist on β€˜helping’ during the sewing process πŸ™‚

My shoes and umbrellas are printed and sewn in China, using my designs. These products can be bought by contacting me – once the items are paid for they will be produced for you and shipped at no extra cost directly by the manufacturer from China. Production and shipping can take up to 1.5 months, but you don’t have to pay extra for shipping.
Please note though that depending on the amount you spend you might have to pay for customs charges!

I am sorry but I ONLY use my own photographs and pictures!

As I mainly sell my products on arts/crafts markets not all designs are shown on these pages. So it is worth to come and visit me at the markets πŸ™‚ However, if you see something on these pages you like send me an E-Mail and we can discuss options to sell it directly to you πŸ™‚

Please note that all the designs and pictures on these pages are copyrighted!

You can reach me at fabfelis(Γ„T)gmail(DOT)com

My market stalls…


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