All brooches are based on my original photographs/pictures and are printed on 3mm Neoprene.

The edges are sedged which prevents fraying and which prevents fraying and enables a certain ‘3D’ effect. The brooch pins are silver-plated and have a safety lock.

Neoprene is actually used for diving suits, but also in the fashion industry. Neoprene is light, flexible and can be washed either by hand or in the machine (30C). You can even go swimming with my jewelry 🙂

Neoprene should NEVER be stored folded (creases remain permanent) or exposed to constant UV radiation (e.g. on a window sill), otherwise, it will become brittle.

Generally, my brooches are approx. 12 cm wide and cost CHF12.00 plus shipping costs.

I can also make other sizes on request!

Neoprene is unfortunately very difficult to photograph because the camera shows the ‘pores’ of the material when taking close-up pictures. In nature, the brooches look almost like real flowers/animals!