All cushions are based on my original photos/pictures. The fabric is printed in the sublimation process, which makes the colors radiant and permanent! Whenever possible, I use matching zippers. All pillowcases are washable at 30 degrees.

The pillows are made of a very soft, tactile, shiny polyester velvet.

I generally make cushions in the dimensions 40 x 40cm, 45 x 45 cm or 40 x 60 cm (for these sizes you can easily get filling cushions: Tip: The ‘ULLKAKTUS’ filling cushion from Ikea (50 x 50 cm) fits in both square sizes).


40 x 40 cm = CHF40.00 plus shipping costs
45 x 45 cm = CHF45.00 plus shipping costs
40 x 60 cm = CHF50.00 plus shipping costs

I can sew other sizes on request!