The masks are designed and sewn by myself. Naturally they are also worn by myself and my family 🙂

  • 1st layer: sweatshirt fleece (polyester with ‘pile’ inside as extra protection), printed with my photos or pictures.
  • 2nd layer: Trevira Bioactive with Silver Ions to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • 3rd layer: Coolmax (absorbs sweat and dries quickly)

The ‘nose clip’ (galvanized iron strip) is located in a fleece strip that is sewn on by hand on the inside of the upper edge (no seam visible on the outside). The short left side of this fleece strip has been left open so that the ‘nose clip’ can be removed if it should break or if you don’t want to wear it. You can bend the ‘nose clip’ yourself as you want.

The fit of the masks can be adjusted with a neck/head loop made from swimsuit Lycra (quick drying), threaded through rigid loops made from safety-belt webbing to prevent ‘bunching’ at the sides. This system is a lot more comfortable than the normal ‘ear loops’, especially if the mask has to be worn for longer lengths of time. The band can be removed and replaced by ear-bands if so desired.

All fabrics used are man-made. In contrast to cotton, these dry very quickly and you can breathe through easily.
The masks are opaque and fit very well if tightened (no gaps).

They are available in 2 sizes:
For women: length (measured over the nose curve) 16.5 cm, width (wih the loops) approx. 13cm. The loops are about 1.5cm wide.
For men: length (measured over the nose curve) approx. 18 cm, width (with the loops) approx. 14cm.

The masks cost CHF30.00/piece and can be ordered with nearly any of my usual designs 🙂